The Open Range and More…

In addition to visiting South Dakota this weekend I took a few quick excursions to Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota to see the beauty and hit 3 more states on my list. Only 4 more states to go!!! Here’s my quick breakdown of these states. Wyoming is amazing, I could easily find myself in the northwest section of this state long term. I’d love to … Continue reading The Open Range and More…

7 more states to go!

Only 7 more states to go! I’ve just knocked South Dakota off my list and wow this state didn’t disappoint! It’s absolutely beautiful here in South Dakota. I jumped at the chance to take an extremely quick trip up here when I saw that the weather was going to be in the high 50s, it actually hit 62° today in the Custer SD area! This … Continue reading 7 more states to go!

Part 2 – Mérida

Mérida is breathtaking! There is absolutely no city even slightly similar to Mérida in the USA. The list of Mérida’s beautiful qualities is ongoing! It’s a safe city, It’s beautiful, the people are friendly, its affordable, it has a great night life, good health care, and  it has an airport that is easy to navigate for travelers and it is centrally located to a ton … Continue reading Part 2 – Mérida

Part 1 – The Yucatán – A brief history of Mesoamerica

Hola Amigos! taking this opportunity to finally write an actual blog post about my recent adventure traveling to beautiful Merida Mexico! Nothing beats getting out of the cold midwestern weather and being greeted by the breezy sweet smelling air of the Yucatán! First a little geography and history lesson for those unfamiliar with the Yucatán state. As you can see it is one of the … Continue reading Part 1 – The Yucatán – A brief history of Mesoamerica

My biggest flex? Apparently it’s Luxury Lounge Status!

I’m doing a cocky flex post here, I achieved luxury lounge traveling status! Hah! I am pretty proud about this because it took an insane amount of planning and calculating the actual cost. Now I just need to blend in with my luxury peers… I’m practicing my Queen wave, that may help me, I also played around with a British accent but it came out … Continue reading My biggest flex? Apparently it’s Luxury Lounge Status!