• JW Culture : Fear, Faith, and Self-Discovery

    JW Culture : Fear, Faith, and Self-Discovery

    Growing up in a fundamentalist, conservative Jehovah’s Witness household feels like revisiting a chapter of my life filled with memories that are both surreal and thought-provoking. As I look back now, it’s incredible to think about the intensity of those beliefs and the impact they had on my upbringing. “The concept of Armageddon was not…

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  • That Apostate Series : I’m Matt

    That Apostate Series : I’m Matt

    Sunday began with the tail end of my Watchtower study and a quick breakfast before heading out to the quiet of the early morning. I’d always arrive at the Kingdom Hall at least thirty minutes early, a personal rule for the serene preparation ahead—ensuring the sound system was ready, the literature desk was stocked with…

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  • Sacrificing Comfort for the Greater Good: The Essence of Humanity

    Sacrificing Comfort for the Greater Good: The Essence of Humanity

    Amidst a landscape often dominated by self-interest and individualism, the act of sacrificing personal comfort for the greater good serves as a powerful demonstration of universal values, principles, and the depth of character. As people navigate this concept, the journey leads to an exploration of the heart of selflessness, humanitarianism, and the critical role of…

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  • That Apostate Series : 10 Essential Steps for Leaving High-Control Groups and Cults

    Leaving a high-control group or cult can be a challenging and life-altering decision. The process of breaking free from such groups can be emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes physically demanding. To help you navigate this journey, we’ve compiled a list of ten essential steps to prepare for and cope with life after leaving such groups. 1.Self-Education:…

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  • Uova All’inferno

    Uova All’inferno

    Buon giorno! Sundays have always held a special place for me when it comes to breakfast, and I’m excited to introduce you to my unique take on a classic dish, Uova All’inferno. This breakfast creation combines fresh zucchini, ripe roma tomatoes, onions, and Italian sausage, simmered down into a sauce that bursts with delightful flavors.…

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