Monday Motivation: Processing the Past to Empower the Future

Monday Motivation: Processing the Past to Empower the Future

Well dang! This is a late post!

I’m considering adding a “Monday Motivation” post each week, a way to start each week with a reflective yet forward-looking perspective. It’s an opportunity to identify the lessons of the past and focus them into actions for the present and future, which is what I want to discuss today. I want to emphasize the significance of processing the past, not as an exercise in victimhood but as a crucial step in moving forward and reclaiming control of our narrative.

As I’ve mentioned before, while growing up in a very conservative Jehovah’s Witness household, my life was shaped by intense beliefs and practices, from the constant fear of Armageddon to relentless preaching and haunting nightmares. These experiences are deeply ingrained in the DNA of my existence, deeply shaping my adolescence and adulthood, leaving long-lasting implications that have been both challenging and eye opening.

Reflecting on my early years has been essential for understanding their impact and actively choosing a different path. This journey of understanding and moving beyond my upbringing is not about remaining stuck in past narratives or dwelling in victimhood. It’s about acknowledging these experiences, understanding their influence, and using them as an opportunity for growth and rethinking the future.

When we look to the future, it’s not always in our best interest to allow the past to define us. Instead, it’s about using these experiences as stepping stones to find joy, peace, and a fulfilling future. Building resilience and finding strength in our challenges are key aspects of this journey.

Writing about these experiences has been a crucial part of my healing process, a therapeutic exercise allowing me to externalize my thoughts and feelings, providing a different perspective and insights that might otherwise remain obscured. By sharing my story, I want to help motivate and inspire others facing similar struggles, just as many have done for me. We have the power to redefine our lives, not by reflecting on our past experiences, but when we rise above them.

Acknowledging that we cannot change the past and focusing on the fact that we can influence our present and our future is empowering. We can choose to learn from our experiences, grow from them, and move forward with purpose and hope. So today, I’m focusing on processing, understanding, and ultimately moving far away from my past, preparing for the amazing adventures ahead! 💙

2 responses to “Monday Motivation: Processing the Past to Empower the Future”

  1. tracymccownlafon Avatar

    Well said, as a survivor myself – people (who haven’t been through spirtual abuse) often will say “just move on” or “you are just being a victim.” What they don’t realize is you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and understand. I have come to comprehend (through lots of therapy these last few years) just how much my upbrining has created the person I am – especially my fears, doubts and emotional struggles. Now that I am understanding it, I am FINALLY healing and moving on – it makes the future a bit scary but oh-so-exciting!
    Tracy in NC

    1. Matt Dobbins Avatar

      Exactly! Thank you for commenting and sharing a little of your experience! 💙

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