Poetry Journal : Rising Joy

Poetry Journal : Rising Joy

In shadows cast by life’s cruel hand,

I stand alone on desolate land,
Lost, forsaken, my heart bereft,
In a world where bonds I once had left.

With weary steps, I tread this path,
Where laughter once danced, now silent wrath,
Isolation’s cloak tightens its hold,
As sorrow’s whispers pierce my soul, bold.

Longing for connections, lost and gone,
Yearning for love, yet feeling withdrawn,
But though the world may turn its back,
Within me flickers strength, never to lack.

In solitude’s embrace, I find my voice,
To rise above, to make a choice,
To seek solace in my own embrace,
And rewrite the narrative, with grace.

Embracing my essence, proud and free,
I discover strength that resides within me,
In self-acceptance, I find my worth,
A radiant spirit, embracing rebirth.

Through the open doors of vulnerability,
I find kindred souls, a shared affinity,
In diverse voices, a symphony of care,
Friendships blossoming, connections to share.

And as the echoes of laughter resound,
Love’s gentle arms wrap me around,
In chosen family, a haven of light,
Together we conquer the darkest of night.

For in the tapestry of life’s grand scheme,
Love and connection, like a cherished dream,
The past may fade, but hope shall remain,
A beacon of love, erasing the pain.

So, let the wounds of yesteryear heal,
With each sunrise, a renewed zeal,
For in the depths of despair, I find,

Strength to rebuild, and leave pain behind.

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