RIP 2021

RIP 2021

I’m not sure how you feel about 2021 but it was pretty stressful for me. It started off on a sour note and just continued to be crazy. So many of us were exposed to dangers on the front lines both physically and figuratively.

My plan for 2022 is to really focus on random acts of kindness, even if I have to plan them 😉. The goal is to be mindful and intentional and contribute to a positive culture!

Here’s some ideas if you want to join in on the love! Surprising a coworker with good coffee, giving a bouquet of flowers to people who have had a stressful experience, buying a tank of gas for a friend who has had a rough time, tipping staff extra and leaving a kind note, asking to talk to a store manager to compliment & provide good feedback about an employee, sending thinking about you cards!

These are little things but they add up! Actions like these create bonds and make a culture where we all want to live!

So please join me in action! Let’s focus on random acts of kindness (even if they are less random) in 2022! ❤️

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