My biggest flex? Apparently it’s Luxury Lounge Status!

My biggest flex? Apparently it’s Luxury Lounge Status!

I’m doing a cocky flex post here, I achieved luxury lounge traveling status! Hah! I am pretty proud about this because it took an insane amount of planning and calculating the actual cost.

Now I just need to blend in with my luxury peers… I’m practicing my Queen wave, that may help me, I also played around with a British accent but it came out Australian, and unfortunately not the Chris Hemsworth Australian accent but it sounded rather like a mashup of the crocodile hunter and tiger king, Crikey, well back to the drawing board, And my story. ⬇️

After a ton of research I focused in on getting lounge access by means of credit cards. Now I’m no dummy to credit cards, I’ve had one since at least my late teens and have utilized points and rewards a lot throughout the years. I usually utilize them by paying for my uncontrollable addiction to Amazon purchases. (Side note, I believe there is a huge possibility that I was primarily responsible for funding Jeff Bezos’ little excursion to space, but that’s another story.) For now I’m an elite platinum AMEX holding lounge member and loving every second of it. I guess I didn’t even realize that lounge members get free food and drinks, yes free alcohol people! Perhaps there is a reason I haven’t been invited to these exclusive little clubs before.

Probably how I look

Don’t hate me because I’m rubbing elbows in the social realms of the bourgeoisie. You however my reading friends do need to try this rich people stuff. Perhaps you will have better success blending in. Don’t follow my lead as I am sure to disgrace myself somehow, perhaps by yelling out “omg champagne!” or “ahhh it’s caviar” or some other pitiful outburst while trying to pretend to be part of the 1%.

For now signing off, I’m going to go enjoy my champagne and fine cheeses, cheers!

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