Disney World

Disney World

Disney has a special place in my heart. Like many elder millennials, well before I started enjoying avocado toast I was watching VHS tapes of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Robinhood. As time went by I saw The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King when they were released in theaters. These were/are amazing movies for kids. Even today Disney is remaking these movies into live action films because the stories resonate with people.

Riding in the front of the monorail as a kid!

For any serious Disney fan however the cornucopia of all Disneyness is a trip to Disney World. I was fortunate enough to have been taken there several times as a kid, and those memories are amazing! I will tell you however that the only thing better than going to Disney World as a kid is going to Disney world as an adult without kids.

Disney World as an Adult!

Yep, going to Disney World as an adult is quite the experience. And yes, I wore mouse ears and mouse gear the entire time I was there. Seriously, where is the shame in that!?! There should be no shame in it! Think of how many people wear Hawaiian shirts when they go on a trip to Hawaii or wear a cowboy hat when they go to a line dance or to a western themed… well really anything in Texas. I say “when in Rome!”

Why else go as an adult? You get to choose what you want to do and where you want to go! Treat yo self! Relive those epic experiences you didn’t get to do as a kid. You get to decide how you spend your money! Want that $10 churro, done! See a $20 turkey leg, Boom it’s yours! Want to pay $200 for a light saber in an experience that has been carefully orchestrated to make you forget just how many hours you have to work to make that money? Disney World has got your back!

Disney World is truly Beautiful.

In all seriousness I found myself truly enjoying my time there. I wasn’t there for the rides but rather for the beauty, the experience, and to conjure up forgotten memories of the past. The firework shows at Magic Kingdom and Epcot gave me goosebumps and brought back such strong beautiful memories that I almost cried. Videos simply can’t capture the beauty or do them justice. It’s magic!

Magic Kingdom Fireworks – How can this not evoke huge emotion!

I can’t forget to talk about the beauty of the landscaping and the intricate detail in the buildings and layout of the park! There is nothing like Disney’s attention to detail. Google imagineering or watch The Imagineering Story on Disney+. You’ll see just how much time, thought and resources are put into anything Disney touches.

Main Street at dusk

Now am I going to go back to Disney World annually and spend every hard earned dime of mine there? No! There is far to much of the world I haven’t seen and I don’t like to trek back unless I have a extremely good reason. Yet, take it from someone who has traveled extensively, there is no place like Disney World! Everyone needs to experience it at least once, as a kid and adult.😉 After all, you have to remember it’s the place where dreams come true!

Getting ready to experience Rise of the Resistance!

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